27 Apr. 2018

Ecodesic is pleased to announce the opening ceremony on May 28, 2018 of the Ecodesic Tokatsu Techno Plaza Research Center, including a seminar to explain Agrofactor Technology and other topics.
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28 Feb. 2018

Ecodesic Crowdfunding is started on Feb.28.
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1 Sep. 2017

ECODESIC Kagoshima showroom (model plant factory) was completed. You can sense an ECODESIC cultivation technology bodily in these facilities. Please inform it of the visit hope.
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20 Feb. 2017

Opened WEB [Japanese] 
Introduce business of ECODESIC.

25 Jan. 2017

Performed the first third-party allocation of shares.

27 Dec. 2016

Established ECODESIC Co., Ltd.